1. The most powerful influence on attitude and behavior is one’s culture – and this book shows you how to be more effective with more people from different cultures.

    Brian Tracy – Author, How the Best Leaders Lead

  2. I wish I had this book sooner! Between working abroad in India and starting a company in NYC, I’ve found myself in so many situations where I didn’t know what the cultural norm was, and I know this book would have helped me adjust to otherwise unfamiliar situations much more quickly. I can’t wait to apply the lessons I’ve learned from Culture Crossing to situations I know I’ll find myself in in the future.

    Liz Wessel - Co-founder & CEO | WayUp

  3. Michael is one in a million. He combines a rare and deep understanding of global cultural issues with humor to create awareness on one of the most important topics of our era. His stories and teachings have been invaluable for us at SAP Academy, as we have trained hundreds of millennials from over 50 countries in our global training facility. If you If you serve in any organization or role in which you work with people from different cultures, run, don’t walk, to read this book.

    Rae Kyriazis – Global Vice President, SAP

  4. Understanding culture is the key to creating and maintaining successful relationships in this increasingly global world. This book is a must-read for those just entering the workforce to the leaders of top companies.

    Alex Churchill - Exec Chairman, VonChurch; CEO, Gamesmith

  5. Drawing upon his own extensive international experience, Michael has created an indispensable tool for anyone who interacts with people from other cultures. (And who among us doesn’t?!) Michael’s insights, told in an easy-to-follow style and illustrated with eye-opening anecdotes, will help so many global citizens open up their minds and better understand each other — more easily accomplishing their mutual objectives.

    Luciana Duarte - Global Head of Employee Communications, Engagement and Culture, HP Inc.

  6. The most profound reality we face as marketers is the multicultural fractionalization of our marketplace. We are perplexed by this so we continue to talk in our own voice rather than learning how to listen to these diverse voices with an empathy that is agile and truly customer centric. Michael Landers has changed the way our people think and act with his method and teaching.

    Bill McDonough - SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, MI Homes