We provide a variety of essential strategic development services to businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and anyone else interested in improving their ability to effectively and gracefully interact with the global community.

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Global Consulting

Our Global Consulting division focuses on guiding clients through complex cross-cultural strategic challenges. We create customized solutions to achieve measurable and sustainable growth around the world.

Services include:

  • Global Train-the-Trainer

  • Global Staffing & Recruiting

  • Global Candidate Assessment

  • Global Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Global Sales & Customer Service Strategy

  • Global Executive Coaching Programs

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Learning & Development

Our L&D division focuses on designing and facilitating programs for employees, managers, and executives from around the world to increase their cross-cultural dexterity.

Cross-Cultural Dexterity Topics include:


Cultural Awareness
Explore how cultural background strongly influences values, preferences, & communication styles.

Intercultural Communication
Learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of multicultural & international settings.

Leading Globally
Gain leadership skills for managing & leading a multi-cultural workforce/team.

Sales Across Cultures
Learn tactics & strategies for selling products & services to a multicultural customer base.

Marketing Across Cultures
Discover strategies for marketing products & services to a multicultural customer base.

Negotiations Across Cultures
Learn how to successfully negotiate in multicultural & international settings.

Global Virtual Teaming
Gain critical knowledge & skills needed to effectively work in & manage a globally dispersed team.

Pre-Departure/Post-Arrival Orientations
Preparing for living/traveling abroad by exploring social, educational, business and other cultural differences and adaptability issues.

Country Briefings
Cultural information relevant to doing business, traveling, or studying in a specific country.

Living & Working in the U.S.A.
Addresses cultural, educational, business and social adaptability issues related to life in the U.S.A


Core Leadership Training
Become a more effective leader and ensure that your team reaches its goals and achieves success. Topics may include:

  • Management 101

  • Trust & Influence

  • Managing Change

  • Managing Up

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Negotiations

  • Communication 101

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building

  • Coaching

  • Virtual Teaming

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Speaking Engagements

Culture Crossing founder, Michael Landers, is frequently called upon by companies and institutions around the globe to deliver presentations to large audiences. Over the past decade he has spoken on topics such as: 

  • Developing a Global Mindset

  • Succeeding in the New Global America

  • Motivating & Engaging a Multicultural Workforce

  • Global Leadership

  • Successful Sales Across Cultures

  • Creating a Culture of Accountability


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Recent Clients

Global Effectiveness

Design and delivery of a company-wide Global Effectiveness program for staff, managers, senior managers, directors, and vice-presidents based in the U.S., E.U., APAC, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Topics Included:

Communicating Across Cultures

Selling & Marketing Across Cultures

Global Negotiations

Global Team Building

Managing Virtually

Country Specific Briefings

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Excellence in Customer Service

Design and Delivery of a series of customized Excellence in Customer Service workshops for 3000+ employees in 27 different divisions across the USA.

Topics Included:

Values and expectations that people bring to a service encounter.

Avoiding the “10” Survey Syndrome

Consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Recognize the potential impact value differences can have on business and day- to-day exchanges.

Increase the level of Accountability on and between each team.

Create a more consistent, predictable and familiar customer service experiences for both internal and external customers.

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Coaching The Customer

Design & Delivery of a Sales Academy wide coaching and cultural awareness programs for young and seasoned sales professional from around the world.

Topics Included:

Communicating Across Cultures

Selling and Marketing Across Cultures

Power of Coaching

Buyer Expectations

Flexing Your Sales Style

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Working in the U.S.A.

Design and delivery of pre-departure and post arrival programs for managers, and executives relocating the U.S. from countries in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia/Pacific region.

Topics Included:

Communicating with Americans

Managing Americans

Living in the U.S.

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The Start-up: Core Leadership Skills

Design & Delivery of a company-wide leadership skills programs for up and coming managers working at this hyper-growth startup.

Topics Included:

Expectation & Goal Setting

Recognition & Reward

The 1:1

Team Formations

Managerial Coaching Skills

Delivering Effective Feedback

Motivating & Engaging Team Members

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Advanced Managerial & Coaching Skills

Design and delivery of coaching, sales, and employee engagement programs for sales staff, managers, senior managers, and vice-presidents located throughout the U.S.

Topics Included:

Management 101

Team Building

Coaching Employees

Behavioral Interviewing


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Diversity & Inclusion

Design and delivery of a National Diversity and Inclusion program for all levels of employees based in the U.S.

Topics Included:

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Communicating Across Cultures

Generational Diversity

Managing Virtually

Employee Retention and Engagement

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Managing at a Start-Up

Design & Delivery of company wide coaching and skill building program for young leaders and managers who are new to their roles in the workforce.

Topics Included:


Trust & Influence

1:1 Coaching

Delivering Effective Feedback

Motivating & Engaging Team Members

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Success Across Cultures

Design & Delivery of a multiple division cross-cultural effectiveness program for professionals in Sales, Marketing, Design, Customer Service and Construction departments across the USA.

Topics Included:

Communicating Across Cultures

Selling Across Cultures

Global Negotiations

Deep Dives: India and China

Customer Service Across Cultures

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Global Diversity

Design and delivery of a Global Diversity program for vice-president and director level employees based in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Iraq, and Sierra Leone.

Topics Included:

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Global Trust Building Strategies

Global Negotiations

Communicating Across Cultures

Global Team Building

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